maria’s bridal boutique


“It is difficult to run your own business, making sure you make enough for your out goings, ordering new dresses.

When you are first starting out its important to get your name out there and create that trust barrier with clients.

The reason I opened my own own bridal boutique is, because when I got married I was looking for my own bridal gown and saw a gap in the market.

There are bigger ladies that need a dress for their special day, so we stock up to a size 24  and order up to a size 30 on request.

The biggest surprise I have had being a business owner is learning that I can achieve what I never thought I could.

I had always been a mum and worked part time, so I have gone from that to a business woman.

There has been headaches but I still have a smile on my face and enjoy providing that bubbly atmosphere.”2017-01-04 02.59.49-1.jpg

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