we like all humans, especially the human ones.

“the humans of weston are;

creative, funny, smart, witty, bright, passionate, lonely, happy, misguided, loved, mistreated, understood, human, misunderstood, neglected, forgetful, human, colourful, outrageous, inked, ambitious, strong, independent, forgetful, human.”

  1. 1.
    used to single out one person or thing over all others.
    “he despised them all, especially Sylvester”
    synonyms: mainly, mostly, chiefly, principally, for the most part, in the main, on the whole,largely, by and large, to a large extent, to a great degree, predominantly, above all,first and foremost, basically, substantially, overall, in general, particularly, in particular, primarily, generally, usually, typically, commonly, as a rule More

  2. 2.
    to a great extent; very much.
    “he didn’t especially like dancing”
    synonyms: exceptionally, particularly, specially, very, extremely, singularly, peculiarly,distinctly, unusually, extraordinarily, extra, uncommonly, uniquely, remarkably,strikingly, outstandingly, amazingly, incredibly, awfully, terribly, really, unwontedly,notably, markedly, decidedly, surprisingly, conspicuously, signally;


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