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Welcome to the Humans of Weston, for the next few weeks we will be introducing you to some of the creative humans we have found around our beautiful town of Weston…

Today, meet Fina:

Hi Fina,

Welcome to Humans of Weston. We are delighted to have you here, so let’s get to know you better…

Firstly tell us a bit about yourself in a sentence or two…

I’m a self-taught animal portrait artist inspired by all creatures great and small. I’m also a certified therapeutic art and happiness life coach, encouraging art journaling to express emotions creatively. 

Now a few questions:

How would you describe your art?  

My art is a process of connection with nature and the soul of the animal I’m painting. The intricate pieces of paper and colourful blends of paint create a joyful collage that brings happiness and sentiment.

Inspired by all creatures, great and small – wild or pampered – especially the feline kind!

Was art a deliberate career choice?  

Definitely not! My art teacher at school once said I wasn’t very good, so I never pursued it as a career.

What does your art say about you?  

I think it would say that I’m passionate about nature and wildlife, and that I’m not afraid to be true to my own style (and maybe that I love cats, lol)!

Spot the cat in Fina’s studio

What brought you to Weston?

I wanted my children to grow up near the seaside. I grew up in Staffordshire and worked in the cities of Birmingham and Derby, so I craved sea air and beach days. 

How has Weston been a part of your creativity?

I’ve supported many artists and creatives in Weston; taught various classes to both adults and children and worked with North Somerset Arts, Big Worle, Weston Museum and local schools. The more I inspire, the more inspired I become. 

Where are your favourite places in Weston to seek out inspiration? 

I love walking so the seafront is a big favourite. I also love our parks especially Clarence, Grove and Ashcombe. My family and I love walking along Banwell River near Wick-St.-Lawrence too. 

Fina at Banwell River

Has anyone in Weston supported or influenced you? 

I was a friend of the late John Fiddes who owned a small working gallery in Orchard Street. Also, a friend of mine, Renée Kilburn a local ceramic artist and working with North Somerset Arts gave me support and confidence. 

What advice would you give to young artists in the town?

Believe in yourself and be true to your own style. Be inspired by others but do not feel pressured to be like them. It’s your creative journey, not theirs. 

What are you creating at the moment, or what is next?

I’ve recently finished a painting of a tiger. It’s another collage using acrylics and paper. I’m now working on another Big Cat – a Puma, I’ve not painted one before so it’s a challenge. I usually start a painting and think ‘I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do this’, then I hear ‘Yes you can!’, (probably the voice of my late Dad), So I push my way through the doubt and embrace the journey it takes me on. 

Tiger collage using acrylics and paper

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