Putting Rap on the Map in Weston ‘Deadly’

Hi Deadly

Welcome to Humans of Weston. We are delighted to have you here, so let’s get to know you better…

Firstly tell us a bit about yourself in a sentence or two…

Hello my name is Darren Vowles aka DEADLY I’m a rapper from Weston-super-Mare. I have 7 singles out so far, which have received worldwide streams and now I have my own record label – ‘Deadly Deed Records’. My biggest hit is ‘Deadly Lullaby’, which received an overwhelming response. My latest single: Photograph has received such a big response in such a short time, which as an artist that is what you aim for and will keep me doing what I love to do.

New single ‘PHOTOGRAPH’, staring Deadly and Weston-super Mare

Now a few questions:

How would you describe your music?  

I would describe my music as basically a story of my life and the things I see going on in the world. I always try to rap about things that hit the emotional button of our souls and try to keep it real. You could say that my songs are rap poetry, with a message (all combined to one). The songs I’ve had the most response from are the ones I wrote about my own heartache. I came through the darkness into the light and wrote about it, which comes so naturally when you’ve been through it yourself.

Was music a deliberate career choice?  

Music has always been a big part of my life ever since a really young age. I started off in the rave scene from the age of 17 as an MC in Weston-super-Mare, with one of my best friends Gareth Clegg, who then became my DJ. We played at some of the best raves from Weston and Bristol to London, but I’m most comfortable with the career I’ve crafted now as a Rapper.

WHITE NOISE Rehearsal and Recording Studio, Weston-super-Mare https://whitenoiseonline.uk/

What does your music say about you?  

My music says a lot about who I am. I will never rap about things I haven’t done in life and I always try to cover things that people can relate to. There’s certain things I couldn’t say in person to someone,but I could say it in a song. It just comes out how I want it to as I can express myself better that way.

What brought you to Weston?

You could say my mum and dad brought me to Weston as I was born and bred here lol. As a kid I grew up on the Bournville Estate. From Bournville school, I went to Wyvern and then started emceeing about 1998, getting booked around 1999-2000 onwards. Back then there were only a few of us that really did it and it’s nice to see how popular it is nowadays, with young people up-and-coming all the time.

How has Weston been a part of your creativity?

Weston has created the artist I am today. I’ve filmed every one of my music videos in Weston as I wanted to keep things local. I didn’t think things would get as good as they have, so as I expand I intend to to move on to do videos in Cities like Bristol and London too.

Where are your favourite places in Weston to seek out inspiration?  

I couldn’t really pinpoint a specific destination in Weston that gives me inspiration. I would say just being out and about all the time and seeing different things gives me more things to write about. I’d just say the whole town if I’m honest!

Has anyone in Weston supported or influenced you? 

I’ve always had support from one of my oldest friends in the game (who I started out with), Gareth Clegg aka DJ Kickback – who is now my producer. He’s a great producer and in my eyes one of the best in the UK

I’ve teamed up with Videographer Andrew Davies of Andrew Davies Media, who shoots and directs all my videos. He is also one of the best at what he does. He used to work at Weston General Hospital and my mum was a Supervisor there. She showed him one of my early videos and he was fresh out of university. We met and the rest is history.   

I think a good relationship with your team says a lot about you as an artist, as I like to go to them with my opinions and get an honest answer from them, which they give.

I’ve known the artist ‘JPS’ since I was a kid and was honoured when he did a piece dedicated to me called ‘Deadly Area’.

I’m also good friends with one of the UK rap Legends ‘Klashnekoff’ who has inspired me and has given me tips which I have listened to deeply.

Check out JPS in Deadly’s music video https://www.facebook.com/782990219/videos/10164480605860220/

What advice would you give to young musicians in the town?

Any young musicians in the town that are trying to do what they love, all I can say is be yourself, try to be original and just keep at it. It doesn’t come overnight, hard work will eventually pay off. What worked well for me was building up a fan base and connecting with them, not just through music, but with my funny witty interactions and networking. The easy part is releasing the song, making it work behind the scenes is the hard part, which most people don’t see.

What are you working on at the moment, or what is next?

So at the moment I’m working on the ‘Deadly Show’, which is on the 10th of July at Club FreeLove, which will be my first solo show. I will be headlining, with support from some great artists from the area. I’m also currently working on my second EP. I have never collaborated with anyone before, but for my second ep I have got some top people I’m in talks to work with.

TICKETS on sale at LAWLESS barbershop and the T-SHIRT shop, Weston-super-Mare, or email or email deadlymc4@gmail.com

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