The Creative Recovery project was a great success

The Creative Recovery Exhibition

We have taken part in some wonderful projects over the years that have enabled us to connect with the community. We are so thankful for being able to be part of the Creative Recovery project.

The project is all about incorporating creativity and encouragement to people who are recovering from substance abuse.

The project ended with an exhibition of the work created on one of the ten week courses; the whole town was invited and it was a great show.

This project was facilitated by That Creative Thingy Wotsit and funded by the National lottery fund and North Somerset Council.

The project gave us opportunity to work with; Weston Super Rocks, Sefton Park Rehabilitation Centre, Orchard Community Housing, That Creative Thingy Wotsit, Weston Artspace and many more.

As the project grew organically, members who took part in the project were given the opportunity to put thier skills to good use and feel like they have something to contribute by giving back.

Mannie who was on the pilot project contributed his film and media skills and made this wonderful documentary to highlight the wonderful impact the course had.

We are so thankful to have had this opportunity and it has been wonderful to have eveyones support.

We are hoping to do host some creative projects and grow some of our ideas in 2022 so stay tuned….

Humans of Weston