Humans get festive…

It was a great day for the clients who access the services of We Are With You; formally know as Addaction.

A group came together for thier weekly creative Monday session and this week everyone got into the festive spirit by decorating miniature Christmas trees.

Each week, the clients who attend the group are encouraged to unlock thier creativity by using creative materials to develop skills that they can incorporate into thier recovery.

These sessions are made possible with funding provided by North Somerset Community Learning and facilated by local community artists to help people see that creativity and all its forms can be used as a healthy outlet to express, a way of finding purpose and a way of feeling included.

Last week, clients made festive wreaths and every single person that takes part shows willingness to try whilst growing confidence in abilities they didn’t know they had.

Communtiy projects like this are a great way to help people see that they can get more out of life once they are given a way to connect.

These sessions are a follow on from a pilot project that was hosted by That Creative Thingy Wotsit that started early in 2021 and was in association with Weston Super Rocks and many other organisations.

It is wonderful to see humans coming together to help other humans grow and we are so thankful to be part of it all….

Next week the clients will be making seasonal greetings cards.

Stay tuned for more;


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