Weston Artspace showed the community what they can do with Creativty..

Wednesday 19th was the URICA display exhibit at the Weston Artspace.

The URICA project was all about helping people with limited abilities that may be suffering from long term illnesses access the creative community space.

Occupational Therapist, Sarah from Goodings Disability Services worked alongside Artspace guardian Karen Blake, screen printer Zara Emily and community artist Bev.G.Star to host a set of engaging workshops and finally produce a collaboration of artworks to make a puzzle show piece.

One of the purposes of the piolet project was to collect feedback and data to prove that incorporating creativity is good for mental well being and the skills used to make art and explore creative mediums can help improve motor skills.

The feedback from the clients were put on display and the Weston Artspace had a wonderful turn out with the community coming to see the display.

Not only did this project promote and increase confidence in those that attended, further creative opportunities arose and one emerging artist went on to provide designs that have been screen printed onto clothing that is now being stocked by Whitecross Clothing on Whitecross Road WsM.

The community coming togther to exchange skills, improve the quality of life for others and engaging with opportunities is the best outcome for everyone.

Community spaces and the people are the heart of what Humans of Weston do and having a cake at the exhibit was just a bonus.

It was another great success story for all those involved and we are happy to have been there to see the magic happen.


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