Developing creative skills is a wonderful way to enhance ourselves…

A group has been meeting at Weston Artspace to explore, develop and enhance social and creative abilities.

Funded by North Somerset Community Learning, the sessions are designed to help people put into practice the creative skills they have.

This week, the session focus was; Scratch Art and the meditative process behind using creativity, was the perfect subject for a rainey Tuesday.

Using creativity as a tool too slow down can be extremely rewarding and is a healthy outlet away from our busy everyday lives that are moving fast.

Everyone who attended the session enjoyed the process, the topic and the safe space that is orchestrated by community artist; bev g star.

Some colourful pieces of work were created and will be exhibited to the public on March 22nd 2022 at Weston Artspace.

We are thankful to be part of this…

Stay colourful,


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