Poetry slams SAD…

The COMBAT SAD crew welcomed local poet and word genius; Sophie Shepherd who regularly holds poetry slams at Loves Cafe in Weston.

In week 8, the group were given a notebook, some inspiration and examples to put together some words of thier own.

With a relaxed vibe, the group worked on writing for 3 minutes about an intence moment they had had that week.

There were no rules to the imagination used, just a focus on writing whatever came.

Sophie, who also deliveres workshops in schools, then encouraged the attendees to highlight thier 6 favourite sentences, words or quotes from their written piece.

Then with some further prompts, each person used those previous words to reshuffle and make a short spoken word piece

Incorporating the use of words, playing with them and using the as a healthy outlet is one of many skills the COMBAT SAD crew are exploring to lift mood and tackle soical isolation.

This sessions are funded by Big Worle and facilated by community artist Bev g Star and we were thankful to be joined by Sophie.

You can see a poetry slam in action on March 2022:

Weston vs Bristol Poetry Slam

Stay poetic..


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