A community mural is a wonderful way to get people involved..

HOW has the interest of the community at it’s core, so when we were given the opportunity for clients at Keward House to help lead a project, it was decided, that, as a group we would paint a mural in their summer house.

Week 1 of a 5 week piolet allowed the attendees to explore ideas to grow throughout our time being creative with them.

One client drew Glastonbury Tor on the wall and as a group they agreed to use this as inspiration.

Week 2 of the project, we got stuck in and made things happen by adding the first coat of paint to the bigger picture.

We are passionate about growing confidence and finding purpose for skills that people can develop aswell as put into practice.

The project has gotten off to a great start, everyone feels involved and thankful to be part of something where there feel seen, listened too and included.

Next week we will make a return visit to the Humans of Wells and layer on the second coat of paint.

Watch this space…


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