We Are With You Creativly

The members of a community rehab program that is run by We Are With You, explored soap carving.

Sometimes the most smallest of ideas are the best and chissling into a soft service was extremely therapeutic.

The 12 week program is designed to help those are suffering with addiction, learn about thier addictions and access the help that is needed to start making healthy changes.

North Somerset Community Learning are funding these creative workshops on a Monday afternoon for clients to get the chance to develop creative skills and find a distraction from thier addictions.

The sessions also allow those that attend, to make suggestions of what they wish to try and next week is tye dye.

Hosting the sessions is community artist; Bev g Star and creative assistant Paige Bailiss who create a safe space for clients to try new ideas and so far the it has been a great success.

We are so happy that people are growing and understanding that creativity can be used as a tool to escape.

We hope you get time to be creative,


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