The COMBAT SAD crew explored mandalas…

Filling your mind with creative skills is one way to tackle low mood.

In week 9 of the COMBAT SAD course funded by Big Worle; Bev g Star, hosted a session on Mandalas.

The session started by the clients exploring the shapes that can be found within a Mandala and seeing what characteristic traits these eternal patterns can include.

The second part of the process was drawing free hand a mandala in aid to release the mind from perfection.

We then used a compass to make some symmetrical designs before upcycling old vinyl records as our canvas.

It was a very relaxed session and some wonderful moments were had.

The clients that attended the session all received some Sedum plants as a reminder to include nature into thier lives as the Spring arrives.

We hope you get chance to explore new ideas and fill your mind full of wonderful things…

Stay curious,


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