HOW CIC visits Wells for the third week..

HOW CIC director and community artist: Bev g Star has been making new networks and as part of her Aster program, is hosting a pilot project in Wells.

Week 3 of the project and we facilitated a water colour painting for people living within a supported housing community.

Alongside Weston artist Emily Thomas, the clients were encouraged to see what they can do with the paints.

The clients all explored what can be done with the colours as well as each create pieces of artwork that will be displayed in thier community hub.

It was a lovely session and everyone enjoyed cups of tea and biscuits whilst making art.

We had some great feedback and we were informed that just having something to do to help get people out their house was enough.

It’s a truley wonderful opportunity that we have been given and are thankful to have the chance to connect with community in a creative way.

Next week the group will be exploring Mandalas and the shapes that can be found within them.

Good things happen when you’re being creative,


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