Ita a wonderful feeling working with nature…

Spring is most certainly here and as the sunlight warms up, the clients who attend COMBAT SAD celebrated the start of the season with a session on Wreath making.

Over the 11 week course, we have discussed how being in nature can improve your wellbeing and can contribute to lifting your mood when you are feeling low.

The first step of making these Spring circles was adding fresh foliage to a copper wire hoop.

The group then added fabric flowers too add colour and some thing pretty to look at.

We all had a great time being social and being in a group lifted our mood as we focused on the creative task at hand.

At the end of the workshop, everyone received a little bird to add to thier piece.

Nect week will be the last session of the course that is funded by Big Worle and hosted by community artist; Bev g Star.

We hope you spend time in nature..


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