Mindfulness in Wells…

Wells have been welcoming the Humans of Weston for a 5 week project and clients who attended week 4 at a community hub in Sheldon Drive explored the mindfulness of Mandalas.

Each year, the Aster Group open a programme to mentor social entrepreneurs that looks at all aspects of their business and how they can benefit communities to the highest their potential and we have been lucky enough to be a part of it all.

Sometimes, just having a cup of tea and biscuits with others can improve how we feel as we connect as humans together.

Social innovation, community and collaboration is at the heart of everything Aster do and this piolet project has had a wonderful impact on its community.

Bringing people together to tackle isolation is key to assisting people to live their best possible lives whilst putting into practice skills that can be grown.

Hosted by visual artist Emily Thomas and community artist; Bev g Star the group has been looking at ways to engage socially and creatively to improve their well being.

Mandalas are a great way to slow down whilst being in the moment and everyone who attended enjoyed looking at ways to draw Mandalas.

Our last session with the Humans of Wells will be exhibiting to the rest of the community and the community workers what can be done to engage people who access the services of Aster.

We are thankful for the new networks we are building, the opportunities that are opening up for us a CIC and the people that engage with what we have for offer.

Whatever you do today, we encourage you to be mindful,


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