A celebration happens at the end of our projects…

HOW CIC was given an opportunity by The Aster Group to take a creative project out of town.

In October 2021, managing director and community artist; Bev g Star was invited to join a co-hort of social entrepreneurs to undergo a training incubator and hub that helps improve, develop and streamline newly founded social enterprises.

This has helped Humans of Weston to focus on becoming an organisation that benefits its community in the right way, with the correct tools and has helped us with a strengthen our core missions, values and goals.

One part of the program was to host a piolet project for clients that access the services of the Aster Group and thier associates.

HOW spent 5 weeks with clients that live in a supportive housing community with Rethink Mental Health at Kerward House.

The people that attended the sessions led us to assisting them to paint a community mural in thier summer house.

The aim of these sessions were to engage with this community creatively.

The outcomes included; the community’s voice being heard, social engagement increasing, confidence using skills improved and a sense of achievement was felt by all those that attended.

The pilot project ended by inviting the staff and the rest of the community to see what could be achieved by engaging creatively and how it can have a big impact on improving mental health.

The feedback we received was wonderful and we wish we could’ve stayed longer.

The celebration was super and credit goes to Emily Thomas from Lemonie Art for volunteering her skills.

We are thankful for the opportunities.


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