We are so thankful to have hosted a community project in Wells with the Aster Group

For 5 weeks, HOW CIC visited Wells to host a piolet project that came together as part of a program that is hosted by The Aster Foundation.

The last session ended with a party celebration at Sheldon Drive too share cake, Easter crackers and fun.

Over the weeks this group have been coming togther to cheer each other up whilst developing and sharing creative skills.

At the last session we looked at how these sessions have improved the clients who access the services of Aster and what they feel like they have gained by attending each week.

The clients who have been socially engaging with our project felt a real benefit from the sessions and fedback that even just having a cuppa tea and a chat can improve their mood.

Throughout the weeks, we explored different creative ideas and mediums, including; water colours, mixed media, paint, mandalas, making banners and more.

Some great creativity was used to brighten up the Sheldon Drive community hub;

HOW is about getting the communities we work with to use creativity while being social.

It is our mission to make creativty accessible to everyone.

The last session also included a celebration of all the art that was made throughout the project as we decorated thier community hub for everyone to see.

Artist Emily, who volunteered her time and materials to make the project work said that; “Community projects are needed to help us all grow”.

We are thankful to Aster for the opportunity.


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