A community summer house is being transformed in Wells as part of a project HOW CIC is hosting.

The Humans of Weston were invited to facilitate some creative workshops that would engage the communities that live in in supported housing for Rethink Mental Illness.

We have been encouraging clients to help lead a creative project that would help improve thier well being.

Creativity is a great way to improve people’s well being along side being social.

This is all part of a program run by the Aster Foundation that are mentoring social enterprises and helping grow.

This community mural has brought people together and made them feel like they have something to contribute aswell as being part of something.

Our 5 week piolet project is due to end and we think it’s been a great success.

This project is just an example of what we can do.

Stay tuned for the celebration…



Mindfulness in Wells…

Wells have been welcoming the Humans of Weston for a 5 week project and clients who attended week 4 at a community hub in Sheldon Drive explored the mindfulness of Mandalas.

Each year, the Aster Group open a programme to mentor social entrepreneurs that looks at all aspects of their business and how they can benefit communities to the highest their potential and we have been lucky enough to be a part of it all.

Sometimes, just having a cup of tea and biscuits with others can improve how we feel as we connect as humans together.

Social innovation, community and collaboration is at the heart of everything Aster do and this piolet project has had a wonderful impact on its community.

Bringing people together to tackle isolation is key to assisting people to live their best possible lives whilst putting into practice skills that can be grown.

Hosted by visual artist Emily Thomas and community artist; Bev g Star the group has been looking at ways to engage socially and creatively to improve their well being.

Mandalas are a great way to slow down whilst being in the moment and everyone who attended enjoyed looking at ways to draw Mandalas.

Our last session with the Humans of Wells will be exhibiting to the rest of the community and the community workers what can be done to engage people who access the services of Aster.

We are thankful for the new networks we are building, the opportunities that are opening up for us a CIC and the people that engage with what we have for offer.

Whatever you do today, we encourage you to be mindful,



Ita a wonderful feeling working with nature…

Spring is most certainly here and as the sunlight warms up, the clients who attend COMBAT SAD celebrated the start of the season with a session on Wreath making.

Over the 11 week course, we have discussed how being in nature can improve your wellbeing and can contribute to lifting your mood when you are feeling low.

The first step of making these Spring circles was adding fresh foliage to a copper wire hoop.

The group then added fabric flowers too add colour and some thing pretty to look at.

We all had a great time being social and being in a group lifted our mood as we focused on the creative task at hand.

At the end of the workshop, everyone received a little bird to add to thier piece.

Nect week will be the last session of the course that is funded by Big Worle and hosted by community artist; Bev g Star.

We hope you spend time in nature..



Clients at ‘We Are With You’ explore fabric dye…

North Somerset Community Learning are funding creative sessions at We Are with You.

This sessions are designed for the members of a communtiy Rehab program to find ways to engage in a way that puts skills to good use.

Tie dye is great way to have some fun with creativity and in this session, the clients were given a set of colours.

Each had a white tshirt that they tied using elastic bands to make patterns on the shirt.

The fabric dye was added and the attendees were excited to see what the outcome would be.

So colourful and bright designs happened and the clients talked about what they enjoyed about the process and what they would do differently.

Most importantly, all the group agreed they would explore tie dye again.

We are happy to be supporting people who are making life changing decisions.

Stay colourful,


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