Developing creative skills is a wonderful way to enhance ourselves…

A group has been meeting at Weston Artspace to explore, develop and enhance social and creative abilities.

Funded by North Somerset Community Learning, the sessions are designed to help people put into practice the creative skills they have.

This week, the session focus was; Scratch Art and the meditative process behind using creativity, was the perfect subject for a rainey Tuesday.

Using creativity as a tool too slow down can be extremely rewarding and is a healthy outlet away from our busy everyday lives that are moving fast.

Everyone who attended the session enjoyed the process, the topic and the safe space that is orchestrated by community artist; bev g star.

Some colourful pieces of work were created and will be exhibited to the public on March 22nd 2022 at Weston Artspace.

We are thankful to be part of this…

Stay colourful,



Finding balance in your everyday life is important..

A session, that is part of the COMBAT SAD course explored the idea of balance and how to assess it in our every day lives, was hosted at Big Worle.

Rachel Stark natural health, wellness biohacker and eduhacker led the group in an activity that used the Yin Yang theory to help us see when we are in or out of balance and how finding balance can help us live a happier life.

The concept describes how contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

The group looked at what each side of the symbol can represent and matched up the opposite forces under the Black feminine Yin and the White masculine Yang.

Light against Dark, the Sun with the Moon, Heaven and Earth, as Above as Below, and Fire with Water were all some of the examples that were discussed as principals to look at areas of our lives that need to be balanced to for us to live in harmony.

In-depth conversations were had and everyone received a journal to help keep records of their thoughts, feelings and life events as a helpful tool to empty busy minds, so we are able too process the fast paced incoming knowledge and information we experience everyday.

We were reminded by Rachel that balance is one of the keys to a happy healthy life.

We are not Human doings, we are Human beings.

It was a very gentle session and we are thankful to Big Worle for making this all possible.

Stay balanced,



Weston Artpace and the URICA project.

Back in October 2021, a project at the Weston Artpsace called U.R.I.C.A has hosted.

Funded by Arts Council England, The Artspace teamed up with local occupational therapist; Sarah from Goodings Disability Services to help clients with limited abilities rehabilitate from long term illnesses and access the communities creative space.


Sarah Gooding’s aims and goals are to produce evidence to doctors, local authorities and other organisations that incorporating creativity and art into the rehabilitation of people that are looking for ways to engage socially, mentally and physically is a great contribution to peoples health and wellbeing.

Local screen printer Zara Emily and community artist Bev g Star came together with Sarah to work alongside and host a series of creative workshops that enabled the clients who attended the sessions to explore mark making and screen printing onto fabric puzzle shaped pieces that all will be contributed to a bigger piece that will be on show in the window of the Weston Artspace and will be launched at an exhibit on Wednesday 19th January.


The clients enjoyed the creative rehabilitation sessions and stated more sessions like these would benefit their health, wellbeing and they felt more confident about accessing the community space that is run by a group of volunteers.

The Artspace team are inviting everyone down to the space to see the work the clients produced and think this is a great opportunity to to get to know and expand their community.

We look forward to seeing you there….



– Big Worle are set to lift the community spirit yet again with COMBAT SAD 2022

Big Worle are always doing their bit to lift the spirits of their community…….

Back in 2020 their steering group got together to agree to commission local community artist Bev g Star to host a series of creative workshops to tackle social isolation, well being and low mood around the darker days of the year throughout January until the start of Spring in March.

These sessions were a great success and the course had some wonderful feedback from its first year.

SAD known as Seasonal Affective Disorder effects a high number of people in the UK throughout the winter months where our human bodies receive less sunlight and our moods lower causing depression.

In 2021, due to the pandemic and lockdown the sessions were hosted online with creativity packs being sent out to the attendees to join in the activities which also included techniques to help us all deal and use as coping mechanisms such a Yoga and breathing techniques from Do Yoga, meditations from life coach JP, well being from local resident Rachael Stark amongst others ideas such as combating SAD with poetry and other creative mediums.

The sessions are set to start again and will begin on 20th January and will run over 11 weeks on a Thursday evening up until 31st March.

There are limited places available and people wishing to join in the session should visit the hub or contact; chair@bigworle.org.uk.

We hope you have all had a wonderful start to the new year…..