COMBAT SAD explore creativity with Clay.

COMBAT SAD was in its 5th week when the group got to togther too explore clay with Nicky from Magesta Pottery.

The clients who attend the group in aid to lift thier mood and try to find ways to incorporate creativty in to making ourselves feel better, were each given a handful of clay to make a pinch pot, a piece of cloth to put down on the table and a cocktail stick to help indent and decorate with patterns.

Clay worker Nicky, guided the group through a gentle session by using basic skills to make something beautiful.

Examples are shown to the group of what they can achieve with little tools and creative ideas.

Everyone who attended the session felt like they relaxed into the process and enjoyed using thier focus to be in the moment and some great pieces were made.

We thank Big Worle for making community projects like this happen and happy to see people grow in confidence, social skills and as people.

Next week the group will explore the subject of Well-Being.

Look after yourselves…