Humans are back with Wave Community Radio for 2022….

Back in June 2021, the Humans of Weston joined forces with Wave Community Radio.

Launching with the idea to make conversations with the community, the HOW show fixed a weekly Sunday show going live at 5 to shine light on the humans that can be found around the magical town of Weston-super-Mare.

Director of the Human CIC, Bev g Star alongside radio show producer Harii Bo made a safe sounding show with good music and great community conversation.

Since the show started, 25 humans from Weston’s community have appeared on the show to talk about their organisations, their love of the town and what they contribute the growing town.

The Mayor of Weston, Deadly MC, A Tenpenny Fool, local writer Alistair Todd were amongst the artists, musicians and every day community members that appeared on the show.

The last show aired in 2021 was with a live chat with James Willis-Boden, a local town representative that talked about his own contribution plus his involvement with the Fridge of Free food in the Sovereign Centre.

Wave Community Radio and their team have been a great partnership for HOW, facilitating not only the HOW show, but shows hosted by other radio voluntary presenters such as; The Hart Playlist with Leanne Hart, The Foundry with Jim Woods, Folk with Flic by Flic Wilson and The Real Show hosted by the LGBTQ community.

The HOW show is set to relaunch January 30th 2022 and will return by bringing you the finest Humans of Weston we can find.

If you missed any of the shows from 2021 – you can catch them on the Wave Community Radio Mixcloud.

To listen to the show, go to; http://www.wavewsm.co.uk

Tune in….



community lead creativity for Humans

In 2021, Humans of Weston relaunched.

After a break for a bit of rest and research, we found our niche and launched ourselves back into working with the humans in our community.

With feelings of physical and soical isolation, this year was a tough year for many but, it has made us grateful for all the connecting that has come about….

Our communities are growing despite the hard times and it feels like there is a sense of those communities coming together whenever and wherever they can.

We found out that there is a need for community and creative spaces for us all to make a postive contribution to our places and people.

We learnt that people grew when they were shown skills, given materials and opportunities to grow.

Humans of Weston has had the biggest pleasure in working with many community members this year and we are most definitely thankful to the organisations we connected with.

Our re-launch saw the Creating Connections project in partnership with That Creative Thingy Wotsit CIC, shine light and hosting 14 live interviews with organisations that are doing wonderful things in our town.

Weston Foodbank, Culture Weston, Theatre Orchard, Somewhere to Go, community artists, VANS, The Scrapstore, Artspace and so many more were part of the Creating Connections project.

Humans of Weston also this year began to contribute to the communtiy by hosting a live radio show in partnership with Wave Community Radio where we go live at 5 on Sundays talking with the people from the town and allow them to talk about their projects and community engagement.

During our relaunch, That Creative Thingy Wotsit CIC became wonderful partners for us humans as we learnt how to host community projects and engage our people;

TCTW CIC went on to receive funding from North Somerset Council, The DCMS and National Lottery to host creative workshops for people recovering from drug addiction.

TCTW used thier partnership with Weston-super-Rocks along with community artist bev g star to host some engaging workshops and connected with Orchard Community Housing, Sefton Park Rehab and thier service users to promote health and wellbeing through art.

Together they hosted The Creative Recovery project that ended on a high this December with a total of 6 creative art exhibits whilst connecting with clients who are recovering from substance abuse and thier community.

HOW also worked alongside the occupational therapist from Goodings Disability Service to assist creative activities for those with limited abilities whilst helping them access the Artpsace Weston.

Sessions were hosted by screen pritinter; Zara Emily and bev g star to make a creative collaboration with funding support from Weston Artspace.

The piece of work created will be on show in January 2022 as a display for the public to see.

The 21st Century Super Shrines, a 3 year project was also something we got involved with.

Celebrating national artists that are contributing to our town, Culture Weston facilated creative workshops that engaged the community and contributed to a community Super Shrine that is focusing this first year on Morag Myerscough who is coming to build a colourful bandstand in our town…

Throughout 2021, we have been with our community every step of the way, capturing these moments and sharing them with the world for all to see what happens when you incorporate creativty and positive thinking into our lives.

We love creativity and all its forms and our contribution to brightening the town of Weston with oppurtunites, street art and beautiful things has only just begun…..

Next year we predicted growth for all the humans we work with and we thank everyone for thier support.

Stay tuned.




“Over the last few years, I have but up a customer base, built up a standard and I work to that standard.

My business survives on word of mouth and my customer recommend me to other people.”2017-01-04 03.45.03.jpg

20 Orchard Street, Weston-super-Mare



“I have been running my own business for 6 years, some days are easier than others.

Being a tailor – its a dying trade.

It has been successful to run a business in Weston, although there is a lot of people who buy off the internet, bur Weston-super-Mare is a lovely little town.”2017-01-04 03.25.56.jpg




20 Orchard Street, Weston-super-Mare


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